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Green TECHNOLOGY Projects

 Green SCIENCE Projects

  • Backyard Science Camp (20283)
  • Building a Earthworm Factory (20760)
  • Creating Our Legacy: FL Land & Water (20135)
  • Dipping Our Toes in Rising Waters (20139)
  • Down to Earth Farm (20353)
  • Florida Solar Farm (20276)
  • Gotta Eat!  Gotta Grow! (20128)
  • Grease for Fuel (20416)
  • Green Manufacturing Goes Full Triangle (20829)
  • Hour Electric Ride (20846)
  • Marine Science Educational Cruises (20012)
  • Permaculture Jax (20949)
  • Piezoalectric Wind Energy (20957)
  • Solar Heat to Improve Poultry Production (20745)
  • ViableEarth (20367)

Green ART Projects

  • 10 Billion Doorways sci-fi series (20667)
  • Life is Natural (20838)
  • Our Wilderness in Watercolor (20668)
  • Patina: Reclaim, Restore, Rehome (20672)
  • ReConstructed Florida Landscapes (20157)
  • TR[ ]EE (20837)

Green INNOVATION Projects

  • Floating Free -- River City Eco Fest (20572)
  • BEAKS Educational Center (20661)
  • Bat-Bike-Electric Bicycle (20835)
  • BIBO Survival Trailer (20394)
  • Byble (20491)
  • Clean as a Mountain Stream (20659)
  • Eco Relics: Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose (20696)
  • Emerald Cities Be-A Jewel Ecoplex (20442)
  • Farm To Truck (20468)
  • Gastrofest (20026)
  • Green Accessories for the Planet (20873)
  • Healthy Communities (20311)
  • Jacksonville Science Festival (20080)
  • Jacksonville’s Emerald Necklace (20325)
  • New Solar Water Heater Prototype (20127)
  • Offshore Drilling Blowout Recovery System (20861)
  • Push and Go Electric Bike (20547)
  • Reconnecting Jacksonville’s Local Food System (21037)
  • Salvaged Ember Tool Project (20521)
  • Solar Charge, Battery Powered Lawn Service (20093)
  • Sustainable Microfarm (20305)
  • Swirlbots: Environmental Conservation Education (20097)
  • Switch to Light Electric Vehicles (20490)
  • The Bottle Project (20368)
  • The Girls Gone Green (20336)
  • UNF’s Nature Children’s Book (20899)
  • We Deliver by Bike! (20341)
  • World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle (20979)
Buildings affect everyone. Period. New paragraph.
Green buildings are healthier, higher performing, less wasteful, and nurture positive economic productivity.

Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors (US EPA) and that buildings use 39% of total U.S. energy and 74% of all US electricity produced (EIA).


Buildings are a huge part of our lives and they have a HUGE impact on our health and environment. We bring our children, employees, and grandparents into buildings.  We bring our food and office supplies into our buildings. 

Buildings are at the center of our lives and are the portal to affect IMMEDIATE POSITIVE SUSTAINABLE CHANGE
The USGBC NORTH FLORIDA CHAPTER is a 501(c)3 mission driven solutions-oriented non-profit with a MAJOR GOAL -- to create a sustainable region with green buildings for ALL within THIS GENERATION. 
We will achieve this through:

  • open collaboration with those in our community, 
  • strong leadership to encourage innovation and policy, and 
  • decisive results-driven action

Our membership includes local companies, professionals, both within and outside of the building industry, and citizens who understand that our current way of designing, constructing, and operating buildings has a HUGE IMPACT on our environment, including excessive resource consumption and high carbon emissions.  

Significant impact means there is opportunity for improvement.

We realize that building green creates a win-win-win for a better future for us all.  We use the triple bottom line principles of people, planet, and profit to guide our mission and vision.  By doing this we will create a better future by improving human health, reduce the impact of built space on the environment and create jobs and foster our local economy.

Please join us in our quest for a thriving sustainable region.  See below to find out how you can get involved.

  • Volunteer
  • Join as a Member
  • Donate -- Time, Talent, and/or Treasure
  • Partner/Sponsor
  • Intern
  • Attend an Event/Tour/Program
  • Take a Personal Action

Upcoming events

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 6:30 PM • WJCT Studios, 100 Festival Park Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Friday, May 02, 2014 11:30 AM • TLC Engineering for Architecture 1650 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207
Monday, May 05, 2014 6:00 PM • SunRay Cinema, 1028 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Important USGBC NF Information

Friday, March 28, 2014 10:50 AM • Emily Crews
Thursday, March 27, 2014 7:27 AM • Emily Crews

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