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Handy Tips To Installing Vinyl Siding

The process of installing a vinyl siding is considered to be one of the easiest and a trending one but it still requires one to have the right kind of knowledge and technique to complete the job in a satisfying and fulfilling way.

If the vinyl siding is not installed properly, there are all chances of water seeping in making the home a place for pests. Below are some handy tips that will help in a smooth and proper vinyl siding installers process.

Profitable advice on vinyl siding installation

  • Usage of wider starter strip
cement board siding Installation

The options are numerous when it comes to starter strip availability. Many people opt to use the strip that is thinner so as to get the work started and also it being cost-efficient but they do not understand that their choice is not right.

It is best to go in for a 3.5 inch starter strip by putting in some extra amount. Once the installation has started it is important to let at least an inch of the starter strip hang down as low as possible, outside from top of the foundation during the installation.

Covering the foundation with more of the starter strip is good so as to eliminate any chances of water or snow coming into the house.

  • Levelled Sidings

Level long of the sidings during installation is very important. The functionality becomes more efficient when it is properly leveled.

It is best to take a chalk and draw a line all around the house base before commencing the primary siding run.

This process will help with getting a straight siding installed. Then as the job goes on, leveling once in every five steps will be good.

  • Leaving some end space

Once the vinyl siding is installed it is required to be moved a little, thus it is vital to cut the pieces to be placed in the ends a little shorter so as to have about one-fourth inch of space in total for both ends put together.

The reason for these gaps to allow the siding to expand freely during hot weather.

  • Cutting using vinyl blades

The vinyl sidings are to be cut only using vinyl blades and not the standard blade used to cut saw that has its teeth that is fine.

The teeth arrangement in the vinyl blades are reversed for smoother cuts. This eliminates the vinyl siding from chipping or any other troubles that arise during other regular cutting process.

Overall they will be much more effective when cut with a vinyl blade.

Process of Locking and Nailing Plays an Important Role

  • Vinyl Siding to be lock down loosely

It is important not to lock down the vinyl siding very fixed and tight to the walls. It is best to leave a slight space or gap between the nail head and the siding while locking down.

This is done so as to allow expansion and contractions during during different seasons throughout the year.

  • Nail the siding by lifting
vinyl siding installation in Cambridge MA

No one wants the siding after the process of installation is complete. So for the same to happen, while nailing the siding it is essential to just give it a slight lift to each piece and then nail.

This will aid in keeping the pieces properly locked together and also to the wall by creating an immovable link between each vinyl siding.

It is best to use two inch length galvanized roofing nails so as to let the vinyl sidings sit firmly and also support holding them in place through all weather conditions throughout the year.

Every vinyl siding has to go through a process of flashing the bottom corners of every window by simply cutting out felt paper and placing them in the corner of each window before it is installed.

These helps in keeping the water from entering the channels and damaging them due to water logging, instead the flashing helps roll the water down from behind the channels.

The end result of the process of vinyl siding installation will be a great success and will have a good finish, when all the above tips are kept in mind when the actual work is complete.

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